Wall Art by Greeshma

When you acquire an image from my collection, you are becoming part of a carefully curated and methodically produced artistic process.

Taking into consideration the visual tonality of each image, I print them on various media such as rubber wood, birch wood, brushed metal, white metal, archival paper and canvas.

Each of these frames are ready to be shipped and come with hanging hooks and a certificate of authenticity. The certificate of authenticity is affixed to the back of the frame and will include the location/source of image, the date it was originally captured, the edition number, and of course the artist’s signature. This ensures that your purchase is a limited-edition work of art.

For more options of images, please visit the fine art catalogue or browse through this folder of images recommended by me.

To know more about price and process, contact: greeshma@greeshma.com or +91 9845263010

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