She the People - 25th August, 2020

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Greeshma And Gayathri Are Sisters Who Play With Images And Words To Explore Patterns Around Them

We are sisters. We grew up in the same household for sixteen years till one of us left for another city to pursue higher studies. Both of us are now in our forties. We share many life experiences and personal values. And yet we are not the same—our temperaments, our preferences, our life trajectories offer studies in contrasts. Some say we look like each other, and others point out divergences. We smile in response. What they see, we know.

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Reading Room Co. - 26th September, 2020

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Fishing Quiet

A community that lives by the sea, lives by its bounties: The sun, the water, the gulls, the fish. Along the length of the Arabian Sea that touches the Indian peninsula, from Kerala to Gujarat, flourishes a relationship of sea and people that is not defined by language or state lines. One experiences something of this shared culture during my visits to the many fishing jetties along the coastline. Fishing on the small and medium scale involves an intricate network of resources and relationships. Relationships not just with each other but also with the daily catch — the fish that are silent companions to fishermen on the high seas are livelihood too, as also a meal.

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Asiaville - 4th December, 2020

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Archive of Stone and Light

Along the valleys of the languorous river Malaprabha in Bagalkot district of Karnataka are located three settlements that represent the cultural magnificence of the Chalukya dynasty. Badami, Aihole and Pattadakal fall within a few hours of driving distance from each other and are speckled with several exquisite rock-cut shrines and structural temples belonging to the sixth to eighth centuries. Belonging to both the Hindu and Jain aesthetic traditions, the group of monuments in Pattadakal have been granted the status of World Heritage Site from UNESCO.

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