`I am a Bangalore-based natural light photographer who specialises in creative portraiture, narrative photography and fine art photography.

After studying fashion technology from NIFT, I worked in the industry for a couple of years – an exciting experience but too corporate, too structured for my free spirit. I called it quits when my lovely children were born. This was also when I discovered my love for the camera. I have been an independent professional photographer since 2008.

As a photographer, I thrive on the dynamic between intuition and technique. It is the unexpected that fascinates me, a fleeting smear of colour, a quick flash of emotion, and the innate pulsations that make lines and shapes. If it speaks to me, then I must speak back, craft my own frame with what lies before me.

If you wish to purchase prints of my fine art photographs, or if you would like to make enquiries about a photography assignment or project, please write to me.

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